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    Product Features
    Video Surgeon (version 2) is loaded with new features. A description of some of the main features is provided below.

    If you are looking for even more details about the product, you can find these in the User Guide or Training Videos. And lastly, if you haven’t done so, we could encourage you to try the Demo version by clicking the button to the immediate right.

    Speed or Tempo Change

    Slowing the speed or tempo of a video can be extremely beneficial in helping you see more precisely how something is being done. The range of tempo or speed change that can be applied using Video Surgeon is 25% to 200% of the original. These changes can be applied both in real time as you are listening/watching to a video that is opened in Video Surgeon – as well as making these changes permanent by embedding them in the video so they can be seen when played outside of Video Surgeon. Moreover, you can actually make bigger changes by EXPORTING a video at a changed speed and then re-opening this video and applying the tempo change again. For example, if you open a video and slow it to 25%, export it, and then open this exported video and now slow it down again to 25%, you will now be playing the video at 6.25% (25% x 25%).

    Audio Video Synchronization

    A problem that can be encountered when changing the speed of a video is the synchronization between audio and video can be off. For some videos this can be a major problem. For example if you are watching a guitarist play a song and observing his fingering but the sound you hear doesn’t correlate with the finger movements, this can be distracting to the point that it renders the video useless as a training tool. Video Surgeon has excellent synchronization between audio and video, even at very slow speeds.

    Audio Quality

    Similar to the above, the quality of the audio with speed change can be a serious issue for some videos. Obviously if you are watching a tennis video, the audio quality is not of particular importance. However, if you are watching a video of a musical instrument, the usefulness of the video at slower speeds is related to the quality of the audio. If there is so much distortion that you cannot hear accurately what is being played, the value of slowing the video (and audio) down is lost.

    Video Surgeon uses the same high quality algorithm for speed and pitch change that is used in our award winning Song Surgeon software. If you start with a good quality A/V file you should be able to slow it down to the 25% level and have sufficiently good quality to hear what is being played, regardless of what musical instrument you might play.

    Video Zooming

    Video Surgeon has a zoom facility built into that allows you to magnify the video to be able to more easily see it. This can be applied while a video is playing or while the video is stopped (paused). If you are working with small frame size or low quality videos you may not be able to apply much zooming before the picture becomes difficult to see. However, if you have larger frame size and high quality videos, you may be able to zoom in a significant amount before you encounter problems with pixelation and blurriness of images. Video Surgeon can zoom-in as much as 32X, assuming a video frame could be viewed at such a magnification and still retain sufficient quality to be viewable. Lastly, you can print a frame or frame(s) that have zoom applied to them. You can also Export and create a new video where zoom is applied to this entire video.


    Another powerful feature in Video Surgeon is the ability to create an unlimited number of looping areas – and then to customize each individually. Looping enables you to delineate a portion of a video for repeated playing. Once you have created such a looping area, Video Surgeon will play this area repetitively until stopped. This repeated playing helps you more easily analyze and retain information using the power of repetition to burn it into your brain. Moreover, looping is easily combined with speed change and zooming so you can play a video segment repetitively while zoomed in and while playing at a slower speed. This power of using this combination of features together cannot be overestimated.

    Lastly, if there are multiple areas of a video that you would like to analyze you can set up an unlimited number of these looping areas. Once created EACH ONE can be customized separately. Each can play at a separate speed, have a separate key, have a different delay, and you can even specify the exact number of times you want each to loop.

    Freeze Frame Analysis

    With Video Surgeon you can scroll forward or backward thru video frames allowing you to extract every last bit of information. Moreover, this scrolling can be done while the video is zoomed, and any individual frame or series of frames can be printed. A series of preset buttons allows you to move in increments of 1 second down to a frame-by-frame resolution. This is a powerful new feature not found in the earlier version of Video Surgeon.


    Video Surgeon has a number of built-in editing features that enable you to insert silence, change the volume, cut or delete segments, copy and paste new segments, and change the video resolution. In addition Video Surgeon allows you to copy and paste between 2 or more instances of Video Surgeon allowing you to create customized composite videos from a series of other videos.


    Exporting allows you to create a new video file in which any editing, key, tempo and zoom changes are made permanent. This is a new feature in Version 2 that enables you to make slow motion and zoomed video that can be played in any video player. These exported videos utilize standard video formats that you can burn to a DVD or even move to your Android or iOS portable device and played there.

    Sniffer/Video Downloader

    Video Surgeon (ver2) contains an enhanced dual sniffer module. The Main Sniffer module works as it always has and can download from approximately 35-40% of all websites that have video. The second, new module built into Video Surgeon is specifically for YouTube. It was designed to provide more reliability when it comes to downloading from Youtube, it has faster download speeds, and it provides you with more than one download options. This latter point is important, because in many cases you will be able to identify higher quality or large frame size videos for downloading, that will provide better quality when opening and zooming using Video Surgeon.

    Video Surgeon has many other features in addition to the ones highlighted above. If you are not certain whether Video Surgeon is for you, we suggest you click the Demo button at the top right of the page and take our 4-hour fully functional demo for a test drive.