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  • Guarantee
    When Video Surgeon is purchased on Video Surgeon it is sold with a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, please email us at: refund{at}videosurgeon.net and request a refund.

    If you purchased the CD version of the software you will be required to return the CD. All software for which a refund is issued will be de-activated and the software will thereafter only work in the demo or trial mode.

    Although not frequent, there are times when Video Surgeon is sold at a special promotional price and these special promotions may include a different guarantee period. In these circumstances the guarantee period will be as stated on those sales pages for that promotion. If nothing is specified in the promotiona offer about the guarantee then it will be 60 days, our default guarantee period.

    We also offer a product called Video Surgeon Plus. Video Surgeon Plus is an exclusive Membership that provides Plus members with access to a number of customer service, tecnical support and training benefits. The default guarantee period for Video Surgeon Plus is 30 days.

    Lastly, in circumstances where Video Surgeon is sold by another website - and to be more specific - where they process the transaction for your order, they have purchased re-seller rights to the product and they are responsible for guaranteeing the product, not us.

    Video Surgeon's parent company, TMJ Software has been selling products online for over 15 years. They have been sold into more than 150 countries world wide. We stand behind our guarantee. We assure you that all refund requests are handled expeditiously and professionally and are truly, hassle free.

    Here is what one of our customers said about our guarantee:

    I absolutely do not mind if you use all or part of the quote in the previous e-mail or this one. Please do not take this wrong, but there are so many time that a "100% guarantee" gives you about a 50 / 50 shot of ever seeing your money again due to some catch. Again, thank you for the professional, prompt, and courteous way in which you handled my refund.
    - P. Michaels, Florida