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And in case you’ve forgotten what Video Surgeon does, it allows you to zoom in, slow down and loop the video all at the same time, making learning much easier and quicker.

Though I am confident you’ll never need it Video Surgeon, like all of our products, comes with a 60-day, no-questions-asked, refund policy.

These special prices will end tonight, in just a few hours, so don’t wait, enjoy big savings and put Video Surgeon to work for you today.

James Todd

p.s.  Don’t take our word for it,  take a quick read of some of the comments below from Version 2 customers.  


Recently I’ve been rediscovering the joy of covering Motown and rock classics. Youtube is a great source of “lessons” so I use the sniffer to pull the song into whatever format sniffer recommends at the top (usually mp4) and then import it into a project.

I bought both Song and Video Surgeon. I haven’t gotten sniffing working for Google Play Music All Access I think because I haven’t sorted out how that would work when I have my USB audio interface plugged in (Lexicon Alpha). I use that at all times so I can plug my bass in and control mix of it against the computer audio (VS, SS, Youtube). I use a Sansamp Bass DI, output is to a pair of Tannoy monitors.

Video Surgeon really saved the day when I recently got a last minute call to perform at a charity event. I never learned covers so fast. Thanks for creating the program! 

Doug Steinsneider


I have had Video Surgeon for many years and upgraded to version 2.0 when it came out.

I use it exclusively to play music. I use it to practice our band’s tunes. Have also used online tunes to get ideas and to be able to observe what they do on for example, guitar or bass.

It is a phenomenal program! My favorite feature is “zoom” so I can get right to what I need to see as close up as I need.

The support also has remained consistently excellent over the years. I particularly like the training videos, which I return to often, when I have forgotten how a particular feature works.

Mary LeFluer

“Video Surgeon could be the difference between a passing grade and a failing grade for me. You are changing the way people learn! I’m the third student in this class that already bought Video Surgeon. You should hear my first assignment vs. those who didn’t use Video Surgeon”

Andrew Wheeler,
Guitar Student, Berkley School of Music


“This is a great tool for taking your skills as a musician to the next level. A great tool for all students learning great techniques of the masters of their respected instruments.  If I had three thumbs I would give this product three thumbs up but since I don’t I will give it a two thumbs up  !!!”        

Sonny Smith 
National Banjo Champion

What a great learning aid! The software is very intuitive and, after downloading it, and based on Griff’s short demo, I was up and running within a few short minutes. I have been playing Walk Don’t Run by the Ventures for years and knew that I didn’t have one small piece of it just quite right. I found a good YouTube video – imported it into Video Surgeon, slowed it down, zoomed in on the player’s fret hand and had it nailed within a couple of minutes.

I am now going through your tutorials so that I don’t miss out on any of its capabilities. Your lessons are really well done. Just the right length and with a level of detail that should enable anyone to get the most out of the software.

A FIVE STAR  rating for your software and tutorials. (And I received the Video Surgeon software program on CD along with the special offers in about four days which was a pleasant surprise since I live in Canada. So Five Stars also for the fast shipping).

John Barker
Guitar Student


Here is the link, one more time, to grab this big 1-time, $60 discount:

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