Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Video Tip:  Fixing Upside Down Videos

We have recently had a lot of Help Desk tickets about videos that are turn on their side or upside down. 

If you use video shot on mobile devices in Video Surgeon you’ve may encounter an iPhone video that seems to be upside down when you play it in Video Surgeon, yet on other Apple devices it plays with the correct orientation. As one Help Desk user put it, “What’s with this? ” Simply put, it is because you can rotate your iPhone. Your camera sensor doesn’t know when you have done this, it  simply records the video or  image and saves it to a file, letting the software on your phone do the rest. To make sure that your photos are displayed correctly, your iPhone adds information about the correct rotation of the photo or video to the properties which are specified in EXIF tags.

Your iPhone doesn’t convert any videos to the correct orientation because that would keep it busy for a few seconds. Instead it simply saves all videos as they were recorded and adds information about their correct orientation to EXIF tags. This means that your iPhone is ready to shoot another video or photo within a fraction of a second, which is just awesome. The only problem is that some software developers, including Microsoft, ignore the information that’s stored in EXIF tags.

You can prevent any rotation issues in the future by taking your iPhone/iPad photos and videos with the volume buttons pointing down. However, it’s not as convenient as holding your iPhone with the volume buttons pointing up, especially if you use those buttons to take photos. You can also deal with this later — after the video has been shot.

Here is a link to read the entire article about why videos (and photos) from iOS devices may appear upside down.

The following tow links show you how to fix this issue. 

If Win machine:

If Mac Machine:

Video Surgeon Plus  Face Book Group

We have launched a Video Surgeon specific Facebook Group for users to share their comments, suggestions and experience.  If you own Version 2, we invite you to join our group.  It is limited to customer’s only.   Here is the sign up link for the group:

Software For Musicians Face Book Group

I realize that not all Video Surgeon users are musicians, but I’d estimate that about 70% of you are.  Accordingly, I wanted to invite you to join a Face Book group we recently created called Software For Musicians.  It has two primary goals. One is to give musicians a forum to share their thoughts and ideas about the software they use. The second is to feature a piece of software, on the page each month and giveaway a copy of this software.   All are welcome to join.  Here is that link

Free Mobile App – Song Surgeon Trainer

As many of you know, We also have a sister product to Video Surgeon, called Song Surgeon.  Video Surgeon works on video. Song Surgeon works on audio.  We have recently released a FREE mobile app version of Song Surgeon.  It is available for both iOS and Android.  Use the link below to grab this free app.

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p.s.  As we normally do, here is a copy of an email we recently received from a satisfied customer.

In one of Griff Hamlin’s e-mails to his many followers – he recently did a short demo of Video Surgeon and mentioned that there was a time limited special.  As a direct result of his demo I bought your software.

What a great learning aid!  The software is very intuitive and, after downloading it, and based on Griff’s short demo, I was up and running within a few short minutes.   I have been playing Walk Don’t Run by the Ventures for years and knew that I didn’t have one small piece of it just quite right.  I found a good YouTube video – imported it into Video Surgeon, slowed it down, zoomed in on the player’s fret hand and had it nailed within a couple of minutes.

I am now going through your tutorials so that I don’t miss out on any of its capabilities.  Your lessons are really well done.  Just the right length and with a level of detail that should enable anyone to get the most out of the software.

A FIVE STAR rating for your software and tutorials.  (And I received the Video Surgeon software program on CD along with the special offers in about four days which was a pleasant surprise since I live in Canada.  So Five Stars also for the fast shipping).  Best regards,

John B.

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