Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Weekly Highlights
We are running a couple of surveys that I hope you can spare a minute for.  One is on features for Version 3.. and the other is about a potential new product for Karaoke users. 

Also, work continues on the new Download Surgeon product which we have mentioned in this newsletter before. 

Weekly Video Tip – Consolidating Video Segments found on a DVD

Working with DVD’s can be difficult for two reasons. One, each DVD consists of multiple .vob files, and it is difficult to find or determine which of these files contains the video segment of interest.  The second issue is file size.  DVD .vob files can be as loarge as 1 GB. Files of this size will take a considerable amount of time to open in Video Surgeon.

This weekly tip shows you how you can open .vob files found in a DVD and consolidate this into one single file using Video Surgeon.

Video Surgeon – Suggestions for new version

We are more than a year away from a new version, however, it is time to begin thinking about possible new features.   We rely heavily upon the input of our customers when we develop new versions, so please take a couple of minutes and complete this survey.   Thank you in advance for you input.

Download Surgeon Coming Soon

Beta testing for this new product will be underway this week.  Download Surgeon is a spin-off of the sniffer technology found in Video Surgeon with some changes and improvements. 

This new product utilizes 3 separate download options.  Two of these are the same as the two found in Video Surgeon.  The third is a new module that initially will download from 9 or 10 specific sites – such as Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Ustream and Face Book to name a few. Overtime we will add new sites to this downloader.  When Version 3 of VS is released at some point in the future, this new technology will be incorporated into Video Surgeon.

If you are interested in this new product, which should be available in the first quarter of next year, please click the link below and signup for the launch list:


Karaoke Enthusiasts

I know we have many Karaoke users among Video Surgeon.  If you are one, I’d like to ask a favor. We are exploring the possibility of creating a product solely for Karaoke singers.  Please take a minute and respond to our survey on this potential product to help us better understand your needs and what features you would want in such a product.

Until Next Week,

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James Todd
Video Surgeon

p.s.  As we customarily do in this postscript section of the letter, here is a recent email we received from a VS user.

I,m a 71 year old guy who still want to learn. I find both the VS 1 and VS 2 are very good programs, but I must say that VS 2 is the best one. I use it to learn new songs to play and it´s good to slow down the song in difficult parts of the song.I must say that I like VS very much and therefore I use it often. Thank´s for such a program and good luck to develope the program.  G. Johnson

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