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Weekly Tip – Maximizing Screen Size for Work and Printing

In today’s weekly video tip we will discuss and demonstrate how to get the maximize video size in Video Surgeon and how to get the maximum frame size for printing, whether to paper or to a file (as an image).  Click below to watch.

Video Surgeon Updates (Both Mac and Win)

We will soon release, hopefully by early next week, a new version of Video Surgeon. The version will allow user with small computer screens the ability to resize Video Surgeon to fit their screens.  Once we have released this version, you will be able to find it at the help desk You can always find the most recent builds in the Downloads section of the Help Desk. 

Video Surgeon Unique Uses Program

We are always looking to understand how our customers are using Video Surgeon and in what fields.  Our most common user would be a musician who uses Video Surgeon to slow down and zoom in to better see a video of a lesson or a musician playing on a song.   However, we know there are many other uses and we would like to catalog a list of these uses.  You can win a free upgrade to Version 3 when it is released by submitting to us an explanation of how you are using Video Surgeon.  If this use is new and something we haven’t encountered before, we’ll give you a free upgrade.  This determination will be at our sole discretion.  To qualify you need to send us a written description of what you are doing, along with your name and an example video where on which you have used Video Surgeon. If you are interested please send your information to

SlideTrax: Quick, Simple, Easy way to make YouTube Vids

SlideTrax is geared toward musicians that want to be able to quickly create a basic
video of their songs, practice segments, commentary or other audio – for uploading to
YouTube, FaceBook or other social media websites.

If you already have a video creation program that you like and are comfortable using, SlideTrax probably isn’t for you.  But if you don’t own one, or find the one you own is too complicated or time consuming to make a Video then SLIDETRAX may be just your ticket.

SlideTrax was created for its simplicity and ease of use. It has almost NO learning curve. Simply drag and drop your song or audio file onto the interface, drag and drop a picture you’d like to use  and, if you’d like – add optional text. Then click the create button and PRESTO… in a couple of minutes you’ll have a video.

It really is that simple.

Grab our special introductory offer of $19.95, a 33% discount off our regular price and get started today using the link below:

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  p.s.  Version 3 – Your Input Needed

We have begun to look at potential changes, modifications and new features for Video Surgeon Version 3.  Though this version is at least 12-18 months into the future, we need to begin the planning process now.  

As always we want and need your input.  Many of the features added to new versions come from input provided by our customers.  Such input is vital to the success of the product.

Please send me an email with any suggestions you may have for Version 3.  Send to:  Thank you in advance.



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