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Weekly Video Tip – Using DVD Footage

With the launch behind us, let’s get down to business with some practical tips for the use of Video Surgeon.  Watch for these in our weekly video tips segment of this newsletter.

Video Surgeon is not your average video playback program.  In order to allow you to change key or tempo we have to split the audio from the video, process each separately, and then put it back together.   Moreover, to allow you to zoom we process the video in such a way as to preserve the quality of the original video source. All of this means that it can take some time to open large files in Video Surgeon

The .vob files found on DVDs can be as large as 1Gb in size.  These file can often take 5-10 minutes to rip from the DVD and then another 5-10 minutes to import and open in Video Surgeon.  On older computers it may even take longer.

We have assembled a series of tips and suggestions to assist you with your use of video from DVD’s. We will cover these tips in the next several newsletters in this Weekly Tip’s section.  The first of these on ripping vs. opening a DVD (.vob) file.

Video Surgeon Launch Has Ended

I want to thank you for your interest and purchase in Video Surgeon. Both the Windows and Mac version launches are now complete.

I want to apologize if you received multiple emails about the launch. There is a method to the madness as they say.  Only about 10-15% of all emails are ever opened.  This means we need to send an email 6-7 times to ensure that everyone sees it.  And even after sending many emails we’ll hear from people over the next days and weeks telling us they never received a notification of the launch.

If you missed the launch promotions, the product is available for reduced price on our website.  You can take a look here:


For Our Spanish Language Customers

Below is a video that one of our Spanish language customers made about Video Surgeon. It briefly describes how he uses Video Surgeon.

Contest Winner

As part of the launch of Video Surgeon we held a drawing on our Facebook page.  The winner of this drawing is  Mr. Pasquale Mestizia

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  p.s.  Here is another recent customer email about Video Surgeon we received.

The effective performance level of VideoSurgeon, is much more than adequate,to meet the critical standards of any modern digital Recording Studio, – and provide a Commercial Product  100% awesome.

The rest or balance of the features included in the Application, are simply an incredible bonus, and would be the best $100.00 investment any solo/artist, – singer /songwriter could possibly make in the contemporary performance industry of to-day. Regards and Best Wishes to the Team.

Ray, down under in Australia



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