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Video Surgeon Bug Fix Update

We are about 1/2 through the launch of the Mac version of Video Surgeon. Several bugs have been reported and most of these have already been resolved but there are a couple we are still working on.

There will be a software update later this week, likely within the next 24 hours, to fix most of these issues. The update will be for both Mac and Windows versions.  I would suggest you download this update so you have the newest version which will contain the bug fixes. You should be notified of these updates when you open the program, and should be able to update directly from the program prompt.  Alternatively the new versions, when they are released, will be posted on the Downloads Section of the Help Desk.

Video Surgeon For Mac Launch is half over!

The launch period is already have over and will expire at the end of the month.

Right now during this special launch period you can grab Video Surgeon for this special price and save 30% off the list price of $119.  The price is being offered for either Mac or Windows versions.  Here is the link to the order page

In addition, we have released a special Dual OS option if you’d like to buy Video Surgeon and run it on both Mac and Win machines.  You can buy this option for $19, which of course is in addition to your purchase of either the Win or Mac version.

Let’s briefly run through some of the details:

Requirements:  Intel processor, 10.6.8 or newer OS.
License to activate on up to 3 mac machines at any one time.

Slow motion:    25% (and 6.25% if a second pass is used)
Key change:     Two full octaves
Sound quality:  Excellent: Uses same HQ audio algorithms found in Song Surgeon
Video Zoom:     Video zooming allows enlargement of picture to focus upon specific
Freeze Frame:  User can step thru video down to a frame by frame resolution
Looping:           Unlimited number of looping areas can be created.
Exporting:         Allows for the creation of video clips with changes embedded in new file
Editing:             Unwanted segments can be deleted, copy and pasting within a single video
                         or between videos allows creation of customized videos
Downloader:     Comes with two video downloaders to enable downloading of vids from
                         YouTube or thousands of other sites.

Who should use the product?  Anyone that uses video in their teaching, learning, lessons, or instructions will find Video Surgeon to be great asset, regardless of their field of endeavor.

To learn more I suggest you go to our
home page and watch the overview video at the top.

Enter our Face Book Contest

If you are a Face Book user you should consider entering our contest to win a free copy.  Don’t worry, if you buy the product and end up winning a free copy, we’ll gladly refund your money.  The mechanics of the contest are reprinted on this contest graphic.  Click this graphic and go to our Face Book page and follow the instructions to enter our contest to WIN a free copy!

Video Surgeon Weekly Tip – Controlling Video Quality

We are beginning to get questions about video quality. Video Surgeon maintains video quality, so essentially whatever you put in is what you get out.  That means you need to strive to find high quality videos to use in Video surgeon. This week’s video tips provides some practical suggestions on how to do this.

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James Todd
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  p.s.  It’s not what we think of Video Surgeon that is important but rather, what you think.  Here are a few comments that have come in that will give you a flavor of what customers are telling us.

VS 2 is the bomb!  As you may recall, I’ve had difficulty with the sniffer on previous versions, in particular with YouTube music videos.  VS 2 has solved all my problems and then some with the new YouTube sniffer and all the added features.  I especially like the vastly improved option to slow down music passages.  Keep up the good work!


Video Surgeon is an AWESOME product!  I own the first version, and everything that I thought should be better in the first version was made MUCH BETTER in the second version.  It really has blown me away.  I will definitely be purchasing version 2 in the (hopefully near) future, but right now money is tight and some household projects must take precedence (I hope I spelled that right).

I look forward to doing business with you again.  And again, GREAT JOB on version 2!


I love the program.  It is an incredible help to learning guitar.  Thanks.  I own Song Surgeon also.  Both programs are GREAT!


I use video surgeon for dance moves (tango) and Tai Chi.  I like the slow down, loop and freeze frame features.  One thing that I would like to see as an improvement would be to have the capability to export the sound track alone  That makes the music portable, useable in any mp3 player, for dance practice away from a PC.




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