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Video Surgeon For Mac is NOW available!

Finally, it is here.  The Mac version of Video Surgeon is now available. It is identical to the Windows version so anything you have read here previously about the Win version will be applicable to the Mac version.

Let’s briefly run through some of the details:

Requirements:  Intel processor, 10.6.8 or newer OS.
License to activate on up to 3 mac machines at any one time.

Slow motion:    25% (and 6.25% if a second pass is used)
Key change:     Two full octaves
Sound quality:  Excellent: Uses same HQ audio algorithms found in Song Surgeon
Video Zoom:     Video zooming allows enlargement of picture to focus upon specific
Freeze Frame:  User can step thru video down to a frame by frame resolution
Looping:           Unlimited number of looping areas can be created.
Exporting:         Allows for the creation of video clips with changes embedded in new file
Editing:             Unwanted segments can be deleted, copy and pasting within a single video
                         or between videos allows creation of customized videos
Downloader:     Comes with two video downloaders to enable downloading of vids from
                         Youtube or thousands of other sites.

Who should use the product?  Anyone that uses video in their teaching, learning, lessons, or instructions will find Video Surgeon to be great asset, regardless of their field of endeavor.

To learn more I suggest you go to our home page and watch the overview video at the top.

 Video Surgeon Launch Specials for Everyone

Shortly after the launch of the Windows version concluded, we increased the price of Video Surgeon.  However, in response to multiple inquiries from Mac users I promised to sell the Mac version for the same price as the Windows version was sold at launch.  That price is $84.95. 

The current retail price for the product is $119, so I’d encourage you to buy Video Surgeon now if you are interested because once this launch period ends the product will revert to its full retail price- and you’ll pay a lot more for it ($34 savings).

As we normally do when we launch a new product, the special pricing we offer applies to all version and models. That means if you are a Windows users and have been waiting for a sale  before buying, now is a great time to buy.  I don’t expect to repeat this price again until perhaps Christmas of 2014.

Please use the link below to go to our shopping cart and view the pricing and options.

Video Surgeon User’s Q & A  (Mac User)

Q. On installing on my Mac machine, I see a message that says Video Surgeon can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.  What do I do?

This warning is triggered by your gatekeeper settings.  Please follow the link below to learn how to alter your Gatekeeper settings by changing them to “anywhere” which will enable you to complete the installation. Once installed you can change these settings back, if you’d like

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James Todd
Song Surgeon

  p.s.  This email about Video Surgeon recently came in.

VS 2 is the bomb!  As you may recall, I’ve had difficulty with the sniffer on previous versions, in particular with YouTube music videos.  VS 2 has solved all my problems and then some with the new YouTube sniffer and all the added features.  I especially like the vastly improved option to slow down music passages.  Keep up the good work!



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