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    This page demonstrates how Video Surgeon can be used to slow down a snowboarding video to better enable one to see and analyze the peformance of a jump. The videos below are a great example of just a few of the things Video Surgeon can do for you. The example clip below was taken from a YouTube video we downloaded using Video Surgeon. Four different version of this clip are supplied below. Below the videos are a series of pictures or images from the video.

    Video 1: This is the original clip from the YT video at normal speed and with no zoom.

    Video 2: This second video is the same as above except that it is at 25% of the original speed. It is easy to see how this slow motion helps you better see and analyze the snowboarder's jump in the video.

    Video 3: This third video is the same as above except we have applied a 2-fold zoom. So both slow motion and zooming are applied to make it easier to closely examine the jump and looks for flaws or weaknesses in the form and execution.

    Video 4: This fourth video is slowed even further, to 6.25%. No zoom is applied. Again the value of slow motion for analyzing the motion of the snowboarder is apparent.

    Pictures from video: Video Surgeon allows you to print to paper or to file, one or a series of images. In the example below there are four images at an increasing zoom level of a specific video frame. These increasing zoom allows a user to achieve the appropriate zoom level necessary to better analyze a particular portion of the entire jump. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image.
    2-Fold Zoom
    4-Fold Zoom
    8-Fold Zoom