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Video Snooper is a completely FREE universal video downloader. Video Snooper (VSN) not only downloads videos from YouTube but from approximately 90% of all internet sites that contain video. VSN is a windows only product.

Video Snooper is the lite version of our shareware product called Video Surgeon. In addition to allowing you to download videos, Video Surgeon enables you to modify the playback of videos by slowing them down, changing the pitch, zooming, setting loop points and much more. To learn more about Video Surgeon click here.

This HELP page provides a short video tutorial on the use of Video Snooper as well as written instructions:

Below is a picture of the Video Snooper user interface. It is easy to use. After you have opened Video Snooper, open the your browser of choice and begin to browse websites and play videos. As you navigate to a page and begin to play a video, Video Snooper (VSN) will detect the video playing, find the URL, and put a summary of this video into the main GUI as shown below. VSN allows you to preview this video, in case you have several links in the window and are not sure which link is for which video. From this main screen you select the video you want to download and click the download button.

A brief explanation if provided for the main functions and features found in this product.

  1. This areas is referred to as the “sniffer window”. It contains information about each video link that is sniffed, including the time the file was found, the file type, and the file size.
    You will also note the color coded box next to each link. The red color means the file has NOT been downloaded. Orange means it is in the process of being downloaded. Green means that it has already been downloaded.
  2. The download button opens a Windows dialog, and allows you to name the file, and specify the location of the file that is to be downloaded. Once you have done this and clicked “save” from the diolog, the file begins to download.
  3. Preview allows you to preview MOST videos that appear in the sniffer window. This preview function does not work on all videos and all sites. For example, you cannot preview videos on Youtube.
  4. The Remove button will remove or delete the video from the sniffer window.
  5. The Help button takes you to THIS help page.

Q1. Since Video Snooper finds about 90% of all video URL’s how do I know if Video Snooper is working correctly, when I play a video and it does not find a link for it.

A1. There are three possible explanations as to why Video Snooper cannot find a link.

  1. There are certain types of coding on web pages that disable VSN’s ability to find a video link. Generally speaking if you start a video playing and VSN does not locate a link and pop it into the “sniffer window” within 10-15 seconds, you can safely assume that VSN cannot find that link. This assumes that items #2 and #3 below have been checked.
  2. VSN detects network activity. If you have previously played a video to completion on your computer in your browser – and then return to the video and play it again, VSN will NOT detect this link. That is because the video has been cached by your browser and is actually playing from your hard drive, it is not being played (downloaded) from the web page. If you clear your browser cache, VSN will again be able to detect this video.
  3. When you install VSN, the installer prompts you to install a program called WinPcap as part of the installation. If you did not allow WinPcap to install or this part of the installation failed, VSN will be unable to detect any video links. You can check this by going to your start button and then your program files listing and checking for WinPcap. If you do not see it listed, then you should manually download and install it. You can find the link to Winpcap 4.1.1

If you have questions, suggestions or need additional help, please email us at: videosnooper(at}videosurgeon{dot}net.

We do not provide any official support for Video Snooper since it is a free product, but we do read the emails sent to this address and as time permits we will try to get back to you.

Song Snooper (or Video Snooper) is no longer functional and will soon be replaced by a new product named, Download Surgeon. To learn more click the link below.

Go To Download Surgeon.